Our Strategies

Callais Capital manages private funds that collectively span a diverse opportunity set. We utilize the following mix of investment strategies, each paired with a distinct objective:

Strategy Growth Capital Investing and Real Estate Project Financing
Private/Opportunistic Credit
Investment Objective Superior Capital Appreciation Maximize risk-adjusted Income

We have developed a disciplined research and investment process, applying “P.A.T.I.E.N.C.E.” across the mix of strategies.

PROCURE Procure information from existing reputable research and analytics reports, raw market data, news and events.
ANALYZE Analyze the information with an unbiased perspective and formulate investment ideas.
TEST Test the quantitative and qualitative merits of the investment ideas to develop an empirically sound, and actionable investment thesis.
ITERATE Iterate the thesis to ensure its accuracy.
ENDORSE The Investment Committee must endorse the investment to act on the thesis, otherwise the process restarts.
NOTICE Notice and analyze any changes to the initial situation or assumptions. Monitor relevant information and continue adding it to the initial analysis.
CONFIRM Confirm the risks and rewards, as well as the continued strength and relevancy of the initial thesis.
EXIT Exit the allocation when either: an established profit target is met, the risk profile is outside of the tolerances, the thesis is no longer relevant, loss allowances are met, and/or substantial new risks are confirmed.