Firm Portfolio


Enriched provides schools and partners with a range of talented professionals who can teach a prepared lesson, bring their own curriculum, or support the ongoing work of caring for and developing young minds.



Capture your memories in 3D with Scandy Objects and Scandy Spheres. Using the Scandy App or, it’s the easiest way to 3D.



Posigen pairs energy efficiency retrofits with solar power systems to both reduce household energy consumption and generate home power.


Since 1989, Mumms Software has empowered hospice and palliative care providers with comprehensive clinical and business software that’s flexible and easy to use.






Thirty-One. As exceptional and desirable as the beach upon which these 31 units will rest; Thirty-One is the ultimate destination for owners who seek the pinnacle in architecture, design, comfort and foremost beachfront living.



ClearServe combines robust Alternatives technology with superior usability and design elements to help Family Offices and other Private Investors make better Finance, Investment, and Management decisions.


Atlas Carbon

Atlas Carbon is a new activated carbon manufacturing company with a goal to innovate the activated carbon industry.



Symbiont is bridging the gap between the emerging blockchain ecosystem and Wall Street, with the first issuance and trading platform for Smart Securities.